Landscape, Fixed Media and Video   Video

Passages, for Flute, Clarinet and Electronics
Fluid Motion, Live Painting and Electronics   Video

Kaleidoscope, for Laptop Ensemble   Video
Echo, for Fixed Media and Video   Video
Six Mondrian Paintings, for Four Percussionists
Color Fields, for Player Piano
Transformation, for Fixed Media
Parallels, for Fixed Media and Video

Phase Shift, Live Electronics Performance   Video
Gathering Clouds, for Piano   Video
Waves, Interactive Audiovisual Installation   Video
Three Landscapes, for Horn, Violin, Violoncello and Piano
Pulse, for 2 Electric Guitars
Focus, for Player Piano
Emergence, for Fixed Media and Video

Lines, for String Quartet
Three Sketches, for Flute and Piano   Score
Before the Storm, for Choir
Patterns, for Fixed Media and Video

Five Color Studies, for Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion, Viola and Contrabass
Eclipse for Chamber Orchestra
Collage, for Flute, Bass Clarinet and Piano
Vortex, for Fixed Media and Video
Stream, for Fixed Media and Video

Sonic Landscape I, for Fixed Media
Refracted Light, for Fixed Media
Fragments, for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano and Percussion
Sonata, for Viola and Piano   Score
Moment, for Orchestra

String Quartet No. 1
Oscillations, for Flute and Clarinet
Phases, for Oboe, Violin, Contrabass and 2 Percussionists
Aeolus, for Piano

Landscape, for Marimba and Vibraphone
Movement – Variations, for Flute, Violin and Viola In a Curved Mirror, for Flute and Electronics Resonance, for Oboe, Clarinet and 3 Percussionists recording
The Distant Sound, for Fl., Sop. Sax, Cl., Vln, Vlc. score
Four Pieces, for Organ
Reflection, for Clarinet
Deep Mountain Spring, for Viola, Electronics and Video

Landscape, for Clarinet and Marimba
Mirrors, for Clarinet and Alto Saxophone